A7riv Auto ISO - how high do you set the max?

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A7riv Auto ISO - how high do you set the max?

I've been on quite the "journey" with this aspect of the riv. Like this...

When I first got the A7riv I was disappointed with pixel-level noise and wouldn't allow max auto ISO above 3200 (and I didn't like that much with all the heavy cropping I do).

I soon "acclimatised" though and also got more comfortable with moderately aggressive NR in Capture One. My max auto ISO setting crept up to 5400, and I tried not to look so closely.

I got an opportunity to shoot soccer at night in what turned out to be a very badly lit venue (I used an A9). Yikes! the files were mostly horrible and I needed some kind of NR magic to rescue enough usable pics. So I tried an early version of DxO prime (integrated studio environment) in the hope it would help. Phew! It saved my bacon *and* opened my eyes to NR beyond the usual luminance and chroma sliders. It also made higher ISO with A7riv less distasteful, but only when forced to use it, not by choice. Prime was very slow though and took me out of my usual workflow. Because of that it gradually fell out of regular use and max auto ISO drifted back to 5400 for most things, except soccer, and BiF - but that was mostly all A9 anyway.

Then I got Topaz Denoise AI (and had a new beefy PC to put it on). Holy moly! It's not always a fast/batch operation as there are lots of potential improvements to be had by altering options and sliders - so I fiddle. But the extra quality I could pull from noisy files was a revelation and ISO 12800 became my new max on the A7riv! Until now...

I recently tried the DxO Pure Raw plugin and subsequently bought it. I also upgraded my old DxO licence to DxO Photolab 4 as the offer was well within impulse buy range. Glad I got that earlier version.

The Pure RAW plugin provides RAW conversion (to DNG), lens corrections and denoise. You have almost no control over the process except to choose an algorithm (speed vs quality) - it just does it. Very, very well. On the few occasions it makes a hash of it, Studio 4 offers the same algorithms, but with much more detailed control over the process and settings. I haven't used Studio 4 yet as I've been entirely happy with the plugin, which I use to import and convert files directly off the camera card and into Capture One now.

To my utter surprise, my A7riv max auto ISO sits at a manly 20,000 now! I can't believe it!

How high do you go?

Edit: just a note to say I don't aim to use these high ISO settings all the time, they're just the max I'll tolerate. In practice, I do *everything* I can to minimise ISO at capture time.

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