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ChrisLumix wrote:

I'm guessing that Apple's thinking is that because every app has its own default font size (which can usually be reset) then having a global control wouldn't have much point.

But the main reason I prefer W7/10 (at least at work), is that I can use nearly 20 year old programs (Filemaker Pro 6 in this case) and W10 has no issues with them whatsoever.

I share your delight in running old programs (though I long ago replaced FM Pro 6 with FM Pro 10, which has quite a lot of improvements, conditional formatting being a huge one for me); however, the investment I made some while since in buying Parallels, means I can run software that won't run in Mavericks - older via Snow Leopard VM, and newer via Sierra VM. However, the vast majority of applications I own run great in Mavericks.

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