Q2 on a Walk Up the Sanibel Island Beach

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Re: Q2 on a Walk Up the Sanibel Island Beach

Tom Joad wrote:

Like the others I really enjoyed the images. But the 16% failure rate mentioned is concerning. It is a sobering reminder that Leica's legacy is optics not electronics. While the images are impressive, I didn't see anything my D850 or D-Lux 7 clone could not also do.

I'm not denigrating the images or the Greg's choice of or enjoyment in using the Q2. I am just voicing my frustration that Leica can't/won't do a better job on the electronics side. Or to phrase it differently, on an emotional level I'd really love to get a Q2 or an M10 series Leica, but the rational side of me says beware, they should be more reliable given the cost.

Aloha, I've used Leicas for many years (Film & Digital) reliability is no worse or no better than other major brands. Leica offer a different photographic experience.  Lets be honest, if you take pictures of your garden and the occasional landscape is Leica the marque for you! If you have the funds that's fine, but that does not guarantee good photographs.. Yes Leica's can & do respond to a photographer with the knowledge to use same.. If you think just because of the Red Dot you are going to get super/superb images forget it.. Buy what you feel tempts you, spend on a Leica, Nikon, Canon or any other marque, but don't expect mouthwatering images unless you know how to use the camera..   L

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