My screen ecosystem is all over the place - can I actually get the same results on all my monitors?

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Re: About Windows apps

NAwlins Contrarian wrote:

My setup is Windows 10 with two monitors: a BENQ2700 and a DELL P1917S. I calibrate the BENQ routinely using XRITE's iProfiler - but I've given up profiling the DELL. I primarily use Adobe's ACR/Br/Ps.

You should be aware that Windows 10 doesn't really care much about color profiling. I have taken images process through ACR & Ps and saved them as JPEGs to use as display wallpaper and found that the colors look terrible - nothing like they were in Ps. The Adobe apps do honor the profiling.

IMO Windows users contemplating color management ought to see a division between:

(1) software that plays fine with color management:

(a) pretty much any semi-modern photo software;

(b) Firefox, with other web browsers increasingly but not 100% reliably compliant; and

I have not tried Firefox - I am predominantly a user of Chrome

(c) as long as you build version 2 monitor profiles instead of version 4 monitor profiles, the older (Windows 7) Windows Photo Viewer, which you can enable in Windows 10 (see; and

Yes, I am using version 2 monitor profiles. I must look into the  older Windows Photo Viewer.

(2) software that often does not play fine with color management:

(a) Windows itself is at best iffy, as you noted;

(b) most major non-photo application software like Microsoft Word and Excel (and I think Powerpoint similarly, but haven't checked it recently);

(c) most of the more popular web browsers, although this situation has fluctuated over time; and

(d) the current (Windows 10) Windows Photos app.

Current Windows 10 Photos app is terrible with colour.

As long as you gear your expectations accordingly, it works mostly fine. If you're making a file for monitor wallpaper and/or web use, it's far safer to save it as sRGB.

sRGB ?? isn't that a color space rather than a file type?

And I ensure that the Windows 10 Night Light setting is turned off. I haven't tried it, but I assume that Windows fiddling with blue light in the evenings might defeat the purpose of monitor calibration.


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