Compact reasonably priced options for Sony FE

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Re: Compact reasonably priced options for Sony FE

Igor Sotelo wrote:

newdom wrote:

I've just got an A7Rii - amazing camera, hope you won't be disappointed

In terms of lenses - I've had the Zeiss 55/1.8 and I wasn't personally fussed on it - sharp but lacked personality (obviously that's a very personal/subjective opinion). I have the 90mm G macro - fantastic lens, haven't heard a bad word of it from people who own it. The Sigma 105/2.8 macro is reputed to be a little sharper at the loss of OSS. Just got the Samyang 35/1.8 which is a fab little lens. It probably won't bother the likes of Sony G/GM sales, but it's fantastic for the size/weight/price.

I was just about to order the ubiquitous Sony 24-105 for general use but instead pulled the trigger on the new tiny 28-60 (which is apparently just as sharp in that range) and will order the new Samyang 24/1.8 when it comes out in a few weeks to cover the bottom end and some simple astro pics, and possibly get a bigger zoom to cover the longer end up to 180/200 instead. The new Sony small G lens trio looks really interesting too.

I do think the Sony MILC ecosystem will gravitate towards smaller lenses - the Samyang tiny range, the Sigma I/contemporary range, the various Tamrons and the newer Sony G lenses are all heading downwards in size/weight with surprisingly little compromise. The wider GM and Art lenses are massive and there for the market that really needs them, but can the general photographer be arsed lugging all that round for an extra stop or two when these new tiny lenses are almost as good in a lot of other aspects including IQ?

The A7R II is too much criticized for this or that, which I’m not sure is accurate.

It’s amazing to think one could pack 4-5 optically great lenses ranging from 24mm to 180mm in a smaller bag weighting only 3-4 kg.

It certainly is.

And if focus speed and focus accuracy matter then the native Sony lenses have a clear lead (linear focus motors) but one obviously have to pay for that.

My simplistic mind tells me that focus speed and focus accuracy matter as even the sharpest lens around is to little use if not in focus...

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