Canon FD adapter: K&F issues

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Re: Canon FD adapter: K&F issues

renixx wrote:

Hi everyone, I have a Canon FD-M4/3 K&F adapter (orange ring). But I am noticing a problem: when I put the adapter in the "open" position (it has an "open / lock" switch) I have to make many attempts before I can obtain closing diaphragms of my canon FD.

Do you mean you have to re-mount the lens or that you have to turn the ring multiple times? Re-mounting is the remedy for having the pin on the wrong side of the stop-down lever (as another poster suggested), but I've never seen a situation where it took multiple operations of the open/close ring to get the lens to stop down.

That said, Canon did NOT standardize the aperture lever nor its motion. Some move in a straight line, some in an arc, and some literally just pivot; the shape of the lever also varies, from various diameter pins to sheet-metal tabs, and pin length wasn't standardized either. Basically, it's a bit of a nightmare for any 3rd-party trying to make an FL/FD/FDn mount... although it does seem that Canon had a reference contact point that all their bodies and lenses could meet at.

If it is not connected well it always stays on opening 1.4. Yet I think K&F is one of the best, but maybe I'm wrong. I don't know if this is a common problem for all FD adapters and lenses. What do you think I should do? That way I spend more time finding the right connection than taking pictures ...

The only thing I can think of is that either the lever is long enough to hit something in the adapter or your lens has a broken aperture mechanism -- do you feel heavy resistance to turning the open/close ring? You can also look for scratch marks where a too-long pin might be scraping in the adapter, in which case the fix is to grind/file-down the pin a little... because they don't need to be anywhere near as long as some are.

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