Some vertical black smudges.

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Re: Some vertical black smudges.

mamallama wrote:

Tom Axford wrote:

mamallama wrote:

If it were a problem with the shutter at the focal plane why are black smudge edges fuzzy and not distinct lines?

Because the shutter is moving, not stationary.

I know but the edges of the focal plane shutter are not fuzzy or curved.

Many years ago, I had a film camera with a sticky shutter that showed similar fuzzy dark bands along one edge of the frame. The shutter curtains were not moving in synchronisation.

In my days of flash bulbs and a Leica focal plane shutter you had to use a FP class flash bulb which had a slow burn time. But if your shutter is off the shadow of the shutter will be a straight well defined line. It is a straight line moving linearly at the focal plane.

Focal plane shutter isn't touching the film, it's a bit further away and definitely gets a blurred edge. And it's moving also.

Cloth shutters have cloth strings on rollers and they can stick so that the curtain edge gets crooked, because the other side/string sticks and other doesn't. 100% sure this is a issue of erratically moving shutter curtains.

If a lens aperture malfunctions, it always impacts whole picture

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