R5 Buffer Clearing

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Re: R5 Buffer Clearing

That card was tested against the others this past fall...


Almost all of the cards ran through the buffer in about 3 seconds when shooting at 20 fps, getting a bit over 60 pictures.  When shooting at 12 fps, they did quite a bit better, typically doubling that.

But the buffer is a bit of an arbitrary limit, as most people shoot short bursts, and how quickly things come out of the buffer is super important - and not measured when doing a one-shot, buffer-filling test.

When writing that cards review, we opted to make a primary measure how many images could be taken in :30. Your Sony 512 GB card was one of the models tested, and it did great, reaching almost 300 shots in :30 at 12 fps and about 310 in electronic shutter at 20 fps. So you're getting roughly 10 shots per second over the long-term.

Your card is performing exactly as is expected, and could be improved upon only marginally with any other option.

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