Help choose new camera, D780, Z6II, etc.

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Re: Help choose new camera, D780, Z6II, etc.

Anton N wrote:

Hello members of DP Review,

I am using for a while my wife camera (Nikon d5200) and love photography.

It's time to get my own camera and I don't have a lot of experience with other cameras and differences with Nikon vs Canon vs Sony vs etc.

Right now looking for mostly Nikon D780. Not sure if there any sense go with mirrorless, what I read from other threads, Nikon doesn't have good fundaments to the mirrorless camera.

Camera going to use in traveling, event photoshoot and landscape.

Budget not above ~$5000 (body + lens(es)) and will have this camera for next 5-8 years.



Mirrorless is OK but I personally prefer DSLRs. The D780 is a great camera. I have a D750 and I am perfectly happy with it.

When it comes to mirrorless, Nikon does not have the very best auto focus, but most people will find it good enough. So if you do want a mirrorless, Nikon will give you what I think are the most beautiful images. In the US, Nikon has a big sale for the Z5: $999, which is a great deal.

But like a said, if it were me I would go with the D750 or the D780. Even if other members say you are buying into a "dying system".

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