So would the consensus be that the M1 iMac is good for still photography?

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So would the consensus be that the M1 iMac is good for still photography?

I am planning to upgrade my desktop this year and have been waiting for the iMac to land. I was initially thinking that I would get a 27" iMac with the new Apple silicon when it came out, but now I am wondering if the 24" will be fine.  Here is what I have now:

2014 Mac Mini, Dual Core, with 500GB SSD, 16GB RAM

27" NEC Spectraview PA271

24" Mac Monitor (vintage 2006)

Wacom P4

10TB HDD for picture library, 5TB HDD for Time m/c, + backup drives

Epson Photo Printer, B&W speakers, Colorimeter, etc.

I had not been planning to keep this old Mini for so long, but didn't seem to get around to replacing it.  Normally it works fine in Lightroom or Photoshop, but it can get a bit laggy when it heats up, which is irritating but not impossible for an amateur like me to work around.  It is very common for the CPU to show as maxed out in Activity Monitor, but I have never seen the memory pressure get out of the green zone.

I am thinking that the new M1 iMac (maxed out) could replace the mini and the 24" Mac monitor leaving my high gamut NEC as an external monitor to the 24" iMac.  We seem to be hearing rumours that the iMac 27 will be replaced by something with a 32" monitor, and I just don't think I need that much screen real estate (with my NEC).  I don't ever do video or play games, but I don't want to have to think about getting a replacement for a very long time, so I need a decent horse power upgrade.

Any thoughts?  Is anyone else considering the same path?

(P.S. I am planning on getting the new M1 iPad Pro 12.9 to replace both my current 2016 iPad and 2018 MacBook Pro.  So I may just wait and see how that runs LR and PS to get an idea of what might work.)

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