Q2 on a Walk Up the Sanibel Island Beach

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Re: Q2 is Amazing

Greg7579 wrote:

susn wrote:

Great pictures of a beautiful area. Interesting to hear the Q is your all time favorite camera. I've been researching it for a week and coming close to pulling the trigger.

Yes the Q2 is by far my all0time favorite camera to look at, hold, shoot and own. But I could never have it as my only camera, despite my love for that magical 28.

My wife and I flew to Florida for a week and on my back in the airport was a peak design everyday backpack with 5 big GF lenses in it and a Compagnon Little Weekender leather shoulder bag with my GFX 100 and Leica Q2 in it.

The point is that most Q2 owners are serious photographers (pro and hobbyists) who also want and need another camera interchangeable lens system too.

I am stunned by the current Q2 waiting list world-wide. I was on that list two years ago trying to get a Q21 and it took months! Now that list has been back for three months with no end in sight. Amazing.

I don't think this has every happened for a two-year-old camera in the digital age.

Well, that's great to hear how much you enjoy it. After doing a lot of research, I thought I'd call a good camera shop a few towns away to see if they had a Q2 in stock. They did and I bought it this morning! So far, the snapshots I've taken are like nothing I've ever used. I am so thrilled. The light weight is a huge bonus.

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