D850 Battery Issue

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Re: D850 Battery Issue

I had a D850 and Nikon MB-D18 with EN-EL18c battery and even though I did have battery order set to use MB-D18 (grip) first, the camera would work just fine when removing the grip. So this is definitely abnormal and not something to do with the battery order setting. I've also had 3 different D500 and MB-D17 combos and have never had this issue, nor have I ever needed to change the battery order setting, it's supposed to be automatic. If you can't fix this by resetting the camera to factory by the two button press, looks like you'll have to send the D850 into Nikon. Unless you plan to only use it with the grip attached. I personally never use a camera without a grip and prefer the D5 to any other camera. I've pretty much every Nikon professional camera and I always end up wanting to go back to the flagship bodies with built in grips. So now I'm using two D5 bodies and a D500 with MB-D17. I wouldn't worry about doing the factory reset on the D850, because you can save most of your settings to your memory card. There is a Save/Load in the menu for this purpose, and although it won't save 100% of all settings, it's much better than not using it and starting from scratch. I don't know though, it only takes me about 5 minutes or less to completely setup a new camera. But I've been a Nikon user and professional for over 20 years. Also like I said above I have owned almost every Nikon camera that is flagship or prosumer. All of the menu's are relatively the same, only the Z series camera's are slightly different, but even they are easy to use if you're a long time Nikon user. Good luck and let us know if you figure it out or if you end up sending it off to Nikon!

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