Canon EOS extension tubes advice

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Re: Canon EOS extension tubes advice

Larry Rexley wrote:

For Canon EF, the best quality inexpensive extension tubes seem to be the Kenko extension tubes, which are also sold as Tamron or Promaster extension tubes. Looks like current prices are $70 - $80 for a set of 3, but I've found that if you look for a while, you can sometimes snag a set of 3 tubes with the contacts in Promaster or Tamron brand on eBay for $40 - $50.

The ones with the electronic pass-through contacts are normally marked as 'DG' model but you should see pins and contacts in the photos if they are the DG ones. I know in your original post you said you didn't need the contacts, but those are usually the ones I've seen for sale.

I have both Tamron and Promaster, they are almost identical and work well.... many can be stacked and autofocus, IS, exposure info still work.

Thanks Larry, very helpful. I'm going to search for the brands you mention. Second hand is a perfect for extension tubes.


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