A1 temptation, so...

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Re: A1 temptation, so...

Nikon33 wrote:

SrMi wrote:

Beatsy wrote:

Trade the A9ii. A1 can do everything the A9ii can but not everything the A7riv can. OK, that last is only in terms of resolution, but could swing the balance.

What can A7rIV do more than A1?

The resolution difference is only 10% (length/width) and A1 is better in many points. AFAIK, the cost is the only benefit of a7rIV.

Well, you sometimes need two bodies, and every working pro should have a backup. I feel like the files are also better matched, the A1 and A7R IV make files that are nearly equal in beauty to my eyes.

I agree with that. I just wondered where A7riv is better than a1.

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