Nikkor 50/1.2 ais

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Nikkor 50/1.2 ais

After many years of shooting a Canon FL 55/1.2 on Sony mirrorless I have moved over to a Lumix S1. Looking around for an affordable 1.2 to take the place of the FL I decided to try out the Nikkor. Since all I shoot with is adapted vintage film lenses I kinda like the idea that Nikon still makes old film era glass brand new. So used copies can be had from only a few years ago. Unlike my FL, which was made in 1969. Also, neatly enough, the Nikkor has a LR lens profile. Bonus.

So far I am fairly pleased with the Nikkor. The rendering is 'better' than the FL, though much of that is subjective. It is smoother, less busy. To be honest, in many images is produces a very pleasing out of focus area that the FL would have chewed to pieces. It isnt quite as sharp wide open as the FL, but close. But this is ok, since the FL is sharper wide open in the center than it has any right to be.

There is a bit of a halo glow that I am sort of disappointed in, since the FL never exhibited it like the Nikkor does. It is very noticeable in some shots with high contrast edges, in the blurred areas in front of the focal plane. I have yet to decide if this will bother me enough to not use the lens. I have a lot more shooting to do with it before a final decision is made in regards to its worthiness. In that vein, I am kind of using this lens as a test bed to see if I want to invest in the Noct Nikkor 58 at some point in the future. If this one performs well (and so far it mostly has) while allowing me to capture the images I want, then I will master then lens as much as possible before giving the Noct a good, long look. But that lens is a significant investment and would be a long time down the road before it happen. So for now the 50/1.2 needs to deliver.

Here are some recent images with the Nikkor. All photos are on the Lumix S1, which is a stupidly great camera for adapting old, vintage glass.

Long on images, hope you enjoy.

a Sigma Achromatic close up filter was used here on the Nikkor

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