Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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Re: Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

IR1234 wrote:

MikeJ9116 wrote:

Do you realize the two lenses you reference are non-starter lenses for professionals and enthusiasts for BIF, sports etc.? The f/11 fixed aperture and slow as a snail STM focus system these lenses are using is not for serious long telephoto shooters. These two lenses are budget lenses that are mostly for people looking to dabble in long telephoto shooting and are not some foretelling of Canon's intent toward their intentions to put out any camera, APS-C or FF.

Well, let's look at the evidence we have right now:

Canon sell 2 "non starter lenses" that give crop like reach on a budget.

Canon don't sell an APS-C RF mount camera.

You don't like the 600/800s, but apparently they must be selling well enough for Canon not to bother with an APS-C RF mount camera.

You could look at it another way. Canon are at the very early stages of the RF system. The R was a dip in the water for Canon and has tray been usurped by the R5. We have the R6 and the cheap RP. So currently Canon only really have three bodies with a fourth on the way. They are working very hard to migrate from EF to RF and doing a sterling job on the lens front IMO. So priorities have obviously been taken into account and releases have to be in a good order, especially from a marketing point of view.

None of us know the future of the RF system outside Canon. It looks like this year and next will see a massive push to grow RF to a complete range of bodies and lenses. It is going to be a great time for us photographers and fun seeing what comes next.

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