NP-F Fast Charger recommendations?

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NP-F Fast Charger recommendations?

Hello! I've purchased a Atomos recorder (Ninja Inferno) second hand, and realize that both my batteries and their charger is an off-brand. The charger is so slow compared to what I'm used to with my Canon batteries which are using the official Canon charger.

Do you guys have some experience with a charger that can quickly charge NP-F batteries? I wouldn't mind any input on a double charger either.

This is what the sticker behind my charger says:

"VIDEO/DIGITAL CAMERA TRAVEL CHARGER", Productname: "Charger" (lol)

Input: AC 100V-240V ~50/60 Hz Max150mA

Output: DC8.4 V --- 600mA

I discharged all my batteries to test it with the three batteries I had, a F750 5800mAh, F750 5200mAh and a F960/F970 8700mAh(Powtree) battery. The time it took to charge each, is listed beneath:

No name - F750 5800mAh = 7h19m

No name - F750 5200mAh = 9h7m

Powtree - F960/F970 8700mAh = 9h57m

I expect there to be chargers that could charge the battieries in less than 3 hours?

I thank you for any input you got.

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