Perspective and bokeh comparison MFD vs 24x36

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Erik Kaffehr
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Perspective and bokeh comparison MFD vs 24x36


This is just a comparison of rendition and bokeh comparing two setups, shot from approximately the same position.

Subject was chosen to demonstration both 'spatial distortion' and background bokeh.

Shots were taken with:

  • Hasselblad/Zeiss Planar 100/3.5 at f/3.5 on 37x49 mm
  • Voigtländer 65/2.0 Apo Lanthar at f/2.2 and f/2.5 on 24x36 mm

The 24x36 mm image was downsized to 5433 pixels height, to match the height of the 37x49 mm image.

  • Equivalence would require a focal length ratio of 37/24 -> 1.54
  • Nominal focal length ratio was 100/65 -> 1.54
  • Equivalence would require aperture 2.27 on 24x36 mm

The 24x36 mm images were pasted as layers over the 37x49 image. Some scaling was needed for match, indicating some experimental error.

What I can is that the 37x49 mm MFD image at center is very similar to the 24x36 mm images above and below, which I would expect from what the books say about equivalence.

This was a simple test to make. I can redo it, to reduce experimental error.

Note that this is not a comparison for sharpness or color.

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Erik Kaffehr
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