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Re: Wacom Intuos Pro / Non-Pro

JT26 wrote:

Hi all,

I have an older Pro model in large, and a very small desk... So naturally I want to replace it as currently I am using a trackpad and mouse for all things photoshop, and I miss my pen.

Couple of questions for anyone with Small / Medium wacoms.

I bought a Small Intuos this week and I don't really like it. I read online in quite a few places that buying a larger than small tablet is a waste... However this thing feels cheap compared to the old Pro model.

The normal Intuos also doesnt have anywhere to rest your hand which felt strange! Not sure if the Medium or pro would be any better?

I just use photoshop, and dont need shortcuts, but I would 'like' them. Should I buy a Small Pro or Medium Pro or a normal medium?

Sorry, just need a sounding board. Any experiences welcome.


2 monitors, get the medium tablet, 1 monitor get the small tablet. Do you draw or design get the large tablet.

The pro's have wheels and buttons for shortcuts. If you don't need them them the cheaper version.

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