Affordable wild life camera combination.

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Re: Affordable wild life camera combination.

PhotonBeam wrote:

I am not sure what is ideal for you, but I use Olympus for bird/wildlife photography. I find it to be a very enjoyable system to use.

Using United States prices, you could probably pick up an Olympus EM1 mkii and 100-400mm lens for your budget (or the 300mm pro if you are ok buying used and do not need zoom). You could also add a 1.4x teleconveter for extra reach. The combo would give you a similar field of view to 200-800mm on full frame (and up to 1,120mm with the teleconveter).

I use the 300mm pro and find it to be a competent setup.

Of course, there are also a number of other great options out there (DSLRs may be ideal if you want the best image quality to price the expense of a larger and heavier kit). Bridge cameras are not a bad option if size matters.

Happy shopping!

I found the EM10iv which uses the same sensor to be nice improvement over the RX10.   Its the lenses that really help.

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