Compact reasonably priced options for Sony FE

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Re: Compact reasonably priced options for Sony FE

QuietOC wrote:

Igor Sotelo wrote:

After postponing the purchase of a A7R II for really long time, to complete a bit better my DSLR Canon and Nikon lenses selection, I opted to finally start learning about mirrorless photography.

Since the camera only wasn't going to serve for anything, and using adapters isn't optimal, I started with the Zeiss Sonnar 1.8/55 T*.

Before was sure to get the Sony G 200-600mm 5.6-6.3 OSS, but after buying the Nikon AF-S 500mm 4.0D II, I'm not sure anymore how much sense the 200-600 makes?

I am quite happy with the 200-600. A 500 F4 doesn't sound interesting to me.

From there on, was thinking to go with the Zeiss Sonnar 2.8/35 T*, the new Sony G 24mm 2.8, the Tamron 70-180mm 2.8 and the Sony G 90mm 2.8 Macro OSS. What would you recommend?

There are two other 35 F2.8's and two other 24 F2.8's that are less expensive than those. The Samyangs are smaller too. Is the 24 G even available yet?

The 70-180 feels like a $300 zoom. The Sony 70-200's are iffy too. Maybe adapt? The Tamron 70-300 is a reasonable compromise.

The Sony FE 50 F2.8 Macro is compact, less expensive and very good optically. The Tamron OSD primes can focus closely.

Will I miss something like the Zeiss Batis or Sony 85mm 1.8?

The Sony can be ignored. Maybe a Samyang 75 F1.8 or Sigma 65 F2?

FWIW I happen to own three Samyangs (18, 35 and 75) and unless you are a ultimate pixel peeper they are sharp, light and fast. I am very happy to use them on my A7R2.


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