Borderless printing problem - Canon Pro 1000

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Re: Borderless printing problem - Canon Pro 1000

Rob de Loe wrote:

I'm printing from Windows 10, Professional Print & Layout, Black and White mode, borderless. The image is being magnified somewhere in the pipeline, and I can't figure out where.

Professional Print & Layout --> File --> Other settings --> Amount of extension for borderless printing --> None should do it.

I tried this setting from the printer's console (no change):

Various Settings > Device Settings > Paper-related Settings > Advanced Paper Settings > [Paper] > Extension for borderless printing > Extended Amount (Large)/...(Small)

I tried on the printer driver side too (a bit better):

Printing Preferences > Page Setup > Amount of Extension > [drag all the way left]

Professional Print & Layout doesn't print through the regular driver.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

This is Keith Cooper's black and white test image. In the corner, there are groups of 9 diamond symbols right to the edge of the file. You can also see the text chopped off at left and right.

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