Decision between a6600 vs a6400

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Re: Decision between a6600 vs a6400

zackiedawg wrote:

Main differences of the A6600 I can recall offhand:

Larger battery


Larger grip

Additional custom buttons on the body

MR modes on the main dial

For me, the biggest deciding factor was the MR modes on the dial - but my shooting uses two MR modes every time I go out, so it was very important to me.

Larger battery was the second biggest factor, followed by larger grip, then additional custom button. Least important to me was the IBIS, though still nice to have and useful, especially when using manual lenses.

When reading reviews of the IBIS, don't get too caught up with comparing to another camera - it may not be as effective as some of the 6-stop cameras out there, but that doesn't mean it isn't useful. 2 stops to 3 stops of effective stabilization is still better than none, and it can allow a 35mm F1.4 manual lens without stabilization that you would normally need 1/50th to handhold steady, to be steady at 1/10th. Or put another way, a scene that might have needed ISO 12,800 can instead be shot with ISO 3200.

If some of those things aren't important to your shooting, then the A6600 isn't necessary. If those things are very important to your shooting, then the A6600 is absolutely a must.

Both are fine cameras, tailored to slightly different needs.

for me,

1- bigger battery


3- extra button

MR bank and bigger grip are not important to me.  i am actually prefer smaller grip on a6100/6400.

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