field macro light improvement options

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Re: field macro light improvement options

sanosai wrote:

Yes, the 903s seems more practical solution here, for the reasons you ve mentioned

I m put off because of its price and also at this time, I don't have the time luxury to wait for it to arrive from China. I ll be on a trip shortly, so the Smallrig magic arms is my only way to go

My only dilemma now is the flash. Should it be the Meike macro system or a pair of TT350s..? One thing about the Meike that I can't overlook is that it doesn't work with non-electronic lenses. Which means it won't work with a Laowa - which at least at the moment is the only high magnification option for Sony

I’m using a magic arm with a TT350 and small softbox. Works fine, but another magic arm with a TT350 would make it heavier than I’d want (it’s on a D810).

I’m considering the Meike units.

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