Fuji W3 2021 photos ( Crosseyed SBS RL)

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Re: Fuji W3 2021 photos ( Crosseyed SBS RL)

yuriythebest wrote:

Hi Guys! I'm trying to figure out how to continue making my images.

1. - There is just so much fragmentation these days and not enough 3d enthusiasts :\

1. - Yes, you are right.

For myself, I decided to prepare my 3D work to be seen on VR devices, so for VR enthusiasts. There are millions of all kind of VR devices bought by all sort of users, especially for gaming. Some of them are interested to see all sorts of 3D materials, like 3D slideshows or video clips (not to be too long...) with interesting subjects in high quality and high resolution.
Presented on YouTube can be a good start. On YouTube you can also see about how many people are interested in your work, after some time.

For VR, is recommended to take the images with large FOV (wide-angle lenses). With a proper viewer, they can be enlarged and explored with head tracking option. This is very spectacular.

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