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D Cox wrote:

RiccoT wrote:

absolutely agree. film is lossy by design. I don't know what's wrong with this guy.

Why do you say that film is "lossy by design" ? I see no reason why film can't be used to record digital data, similar to bar codes.

Silver based film has a very long life, and it can be sepia toned to give an even longer life. However, the need for chemical processing is inconvenient.

For Backup I highly recommend optical storage. I use 100GB M-Disk for that.

M-disks are good, but they take up a lot of space compared to a 10 Terabyte hard drive.

Optical disks have the advantage that they contain no electronics that can fail over time due to heat fatigue.

Maybe multiple cloud storages would also work. but that's not so cheap.

And yes, obviously we all should just print our favorite images

As for bit rot, it was a real problem in the days of floppy drives. Although modern hard drives are still magnetic recorders, they do seem to be quite reliable. Heavy users such as Google have statistics.

I've had way more failures with hard drives than I have with SSDs. Come to think of it, I haven't had any SSD failures yet. Anyway, I personally don't use any magnetic storage now.

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