Some vertical black smudges.

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Re: Some vertical black smudges.

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The only reliable way is to check it with film. The first thing to establish is at what shutter speeds it acts up. Do you know what speeds were used for every shot you've taken so far?

I wish I did. Unless film has some exposure data imprinting that I'm unaware of.

If you are serious about film photography, get yourself a small notebook to carry in your camera bag or pocket and note down the basic details of every shot you take. I always did that when I was using film regularly. It is invaluable when it comes to diagnosing problems. It is also useful to have notes on where and when shots were taken.

Worth pointing out that there’s a lot of good apps available now to record shooting details (assuming you usually carry your phone)

Or take a picture of the camera (with your smartphone) with the settings visible, with the scene you're taking a photo of in the background. Gets you settings, date/time, and location, with one click.

There are a few film cameras that record the shooting data on the film between the frames - Nikon F4 with the MF23 back, Nikon F5 with the MF28 back, the Nikon F6 and the F80s. The F5, F100 and F6 also record more information in camera but you need almost unobtainable hardware to get it out.

I have a Minolta Multi-function back from when I was completing my set of Minolta MF equipment, I never actually used it. That wasn't smart enough to record exposure information, that would have been useful. But it would record a date or serial number.

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