Replace the 7D mark ii card door

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Re: Replace the 7D mark ii card door

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Is it hard to do? Nothing in YouTube. Any links for help? Thanks.

Here in Europe (indeed, there is life outside the US and UK :-D) most repair centers sell it on their website (about € 25-30).

You can change it yourself.

I stopped my attempts.

I disassembled the back side and found it hard. It seems I have to disassemble all sides. If I open the front side, the shutter and sensor can be exposed.

YouTube only have videos for back side opening. I couldn't find any video to open the front side.

You don’t need to remove the cover IIRC. If you open the door you will see two small screws on the plate in the flap. Undo those and the large part of the door comes off. You can then remove the sprung hinge quite easily.

If you have done more substantial damage then you have to peel off the grip and remove the three screws behind that to get the assembly out. If you do a search on the lens rentals blog there is a full year down of the 7D2

Can't just replace the flap part, have to replace the whole thing, that's why I have to open the body. I am not sure unscrewing those 3 screws under the peels will allow the door to tear away. Are you sure it is possible to shake it out? It seems tightly wedged into the other parts of the body.

Lens rental blog didn't show how to take the parts off. There are some photos of the teared down parts only.

I think you can. It was 5 years ago I saw it done and I cannot remember for sure if anything else was loosened.

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