Viltrox rf-ef adapter issue

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Abbott Schindler Senior Member • Posts: 2,802
Re: Viltrox rf-ef adapter issue

Similar experience here. Having no camera stores within hours of where I live, I started calling brick-and-mortar stores last week and found one that had the adapter and everything else I was looking for. That store's now going to be my go-to for Canon and some other gear even though they charge a little for shipping. I'm glad to support a good B&M business.

The Control Ring Adapter (the one I wanted) is in very short supply in the U.S., with every dealer I spoke with having similar stories: Canon's not shipping anywhere near the quantities they historically have, and the stores have long waiting lists for rings and some RF lenses. Anecdotally, they also all told me that only Nikon's fulfillment is worse at this time...

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