Canon G7X mark II sharpness/noise issue

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Re: Canon G7X mark II sharpness/noise issue

Now these are much better

Sharpness is a subjective matter so please take the following as my own view:

- I don't see much difference between no. 2 and no. 3. I find both OK but underwhelming (regarding sharpness).

- I agree that the camera struggles with scenery such as grass and leaves (see below about jpg and raw).

- I don't think thank the optics and/or autofocus in your camera is/are broken. It really comes down to what you expect.

- The right side is worse than the left and both worse than the center. This is something that I experienced as well with my G7X II that I sold 3 years ago. I looked at my collection and realized that most pictures were taken at the widest setting, where the lens performs the weakest. But for me they are still good enough.

Now what can you do?

1. It is not a bad idea to reset to factory and to update to the latest firmware. This gives you the certainty that you don't overlook some weird setting and the camera performs as intended. E.g. the picture styles let you tweak three sharpness parameters...

2. Adjust your expectations. It costs a lot of money but it is still a compact camera. As such it has limitations. I will include 2 pictures from mine so that you can compare and decide if your camera is better/worse/same. Check other pictures online.

3. You are familiar with raw development. That is a good thing as I suspect, that much of the detail loss is connected to canons jpg rendering. One of the pictures I include is out-of-camera jpg, the other is processed with DXO plugin for Mac Fotos. I find that the latter does not reveal much more detail but cleans most of the smudginess.

4. My AF Settings (from my current G9X II which should not differ from the G7X II): Operation: ONE SHOT -- Method: 1-point AF -- Frame size: Small -- Frame pos'n: Touch point -- Touch shutter: Disable (to avoid camera shake).

Out of camera jpg. It is OK for me when viewed to fit my monitor. When magnified to 100% smudges are visible in all 4 corners and on the left side.

Processed from RAW in Mac Fotos with DXO Plugin.At 100% sStill not perfect in the corners and on the left but overall more punch and less smudge.

Hope this helps to get the idea. Now somebody will post perfectly sharp pictures

EDIT: 100% crops added


Edited RAW

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