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What is ETTR in laymen’s terms?

I’ve heard it explained two ways:

1)  Leave plenty of headroom on the right of the histogram so you don’t blow out important highlights. Lift your shadows in post.

2)  Shift the histogram to the right making sure your shadows are exposed to an acceptable level, and recover highlights in post.

For me, the second version works better. I’m finding I’ve got a lot of room to recover highlights, and as such I can avoid under exposing an image and revealing noise when lifting shadows. Just the way the sensor in my camera seems to work best. It doesn’t get high praise for dynamic range, but it actually seems to do quite well on the highlight side before truly blowing anything out.

So is #1 or #2 actually what they call, “Expose To The Right”?

I know to just do what works, so I’m not asking what to do. Just curious about proper terminology (which can be a minefield in this forum at times, I know).

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