I've had it with full frame cameras

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I've had it with full frame cameras

I own as my main camera an Olympus OM Mark II (or whatever it's called).

I also own a Nikon D750 full frame camera and a Fujifilm X100F. So I have sensors covering the full range of everyday photography.

Everyday I'm tempted to "upgrade' to a full frame modern mirrorless camera such as the Nikon Z7ii. Wow, all those pixels!! Terrific resolution. I read every review. I'm soooo tempted!!

But the fact is I simply can't tell the difference between my Olympus photos and the D750 full frame 24 meg photos. Even on a 5K computer screen! OK, low light photos do show a slight difference with increased noise with the Olympus. But, try Topaz Denoise or any other smart software costing $100 or less and the photos are identical to my naked eye. I don't enlarge photos to an enormous size so cheap software covers any deficiencies of the Olympus.

I hate the heavy Nikon and larger lenses. I like the Fujifilm X100f but it is not an 'all purpose' camera like the Olympus with its great (light-weight) lenses.

So after months (years actually) I've decided to stick with my Olympus camera and my various Olympus lenses because 90% of my photography is absolutely covered by the quality of the Olympus camera and it end results. If I need noise reduction, Topaz will cover any deficiencies at a small price, compared to thousands of dollars upgrading to a new and heavier system.

Sure, there a brilliant cameras out there for sale. But for us hobby photographers, is there really any need to spend thousands of dollars on the latest and largest pixel cameras when most people can't tell the difference between say a four thirds sensor and and a full frame sensor??

Handy, light weight cameras that take brilliant photos is my bottom line. That's why I've decided to stick with my Olympus camera and stuff the rest of them!!!! Oh, and also, I've saved thousands of dollars!!


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