Camera setup for streaming soccer inside an airdome

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Camera setup for streaming soccer inside an airdome

Been scratching my head for quite a while related to this matter. So, I decided to ask your advice, since I want to make sure I've though of all the possible options. Here's the challenge:

  • Football airdome, 40m x 75m, good lighting.
  • Need to stream kids soccer to Youtube for the parents etc.
  • Since the airdome has no "real" staff, there's no camera operator
    • The camera/streaming setup needs to be fixed with minimum setup needed.
    • The camera(s) are inaccessible, meaning too high up to be able to start manually (e.g. action cameras).
    • The cameras need to be powered on all the time.
    • Watching kids soccer game with a stream consisting of several camera feeds is not optimal -> maybe max 2 cameras combined to one stream?
  • Camera(s) have to be very robust: airdome gets -20 degrees Celsius during the winter, and maybe gets hit by a soccer ball pretty hard.
  • The cameras have to have basically ca. 180 degree FOV, since there's just only a few meters between the borders of the field and the airdome walls :/
  • The cameras are (very) far from the actual streaming hardware, at least 10m (with 2 camera setup the other being almost 90m).
  • Additional cabling is not a problem. 
  • Internet connection is 250/20Mbps.

How would you build a setup like this?

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