Some vertical black smudges.

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Re: Some vertical black smudges.

British Jonathan wrote:

Just got two rolls back, and they both have this intermittent black area on the side of *some* of the images. Some of the landscape orientation images have it, and none of the portrait orientation images have it. Any ideas? I'm using a Minolta SRT SC ii. Previous three rolls did not have this issue.

Definitely shutter capping/sticky shutter*. Common on old horizontal focal plane shutters, looks exactly like this and usually shows up at faster speeds (1/500" and 1/1000").

Usually the result of old, gunked up lubricants and easily fixed by any competent technician as part of a standard service.

*Absolutely nothing to do with the lens. If your aperture blades are sticking, you will likely get an over-exposed negative as the aperture won't stop down to the required setting quick enough. The over-exposure will be equal across the whole frame.

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