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Re: Z6 II - memory card questions

I have a D500 and used XQD cards with it then purchased a Z6 and then a Z6ii. I have several XQD cards but when needing an additional card decided to go with a CFExpress card. These are my thoughts.

I believe that there were some licensing issues related to XQD cards so manufactures like SanDisk never produced XQD cards. I believe the only companies that produced XQD were Sony, Lexar, and Nikon. It never seemed like there was much competition in the XQD card market.

They have the same form factor so the CFExpress cards will fit in a XQD card slot but the device has to have the ability to read the card format. The D500 and the Z6 required a firmware update to read the CFExpress cards. They both still read the XQD cards as well.

XQD cards speed is about 440MB/s and the CFExpress cards are around 1400MB/s. I don’t believe the Z series cameras have the ability to take advantage of the speed of the CFE cards.

Future cameras will likely take advantage of the 1400MB/s plus card speeds and with XQD and CFE cards being about the same cost currently it seems like a good idea to purchase CFE.

I purchased a card reader that will read both XQD and CFE cards. It seems to work well. The card reader I found will read XQD and CFE in one slot and has a SD card slot as well. It works well when traveling.

I think there will be more competition in the CFE market and cards will get less costly. I think you might as well purchase a CFE card that potentially has a longer life than an XQD card. I have been watching the price of XQD cards and they haven’t changed much in 2 years.

To be honest, I don’t see any real world difference when working with XQD and CFE cards. It seems like copying from CFE is faster but I have not measured it.

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