Concerts coming back

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Re: Concerts coming back

WileEC_ID wrote:

I'm not here to debate with someone stating things as fact, that are not, just to support their preferences. That said, two key issues:

But you do go on debating and in a stupid and arrogant way, without a reason because it is obvious that you don’t understand, or don’t want to understand my point. So get off your high horse and try to understand a thing or two.

FF does have some objective advantages in low light action situations - it's physics. It's not saying that MFT isn't more than capable - I didn't say it wasn't - and the other guy that has been shooting concerts for a decade was pretty clear about that - and I fully agreed with him.

MFT does have some DOF advantages, if you need greater DOF - but I have yet to have a scenario that whatever platform I was using was unable to achieve the needed DOF. Perhaps I'm inexperienced, but all four platforms I have shot with were more than capable of achieving needed DOF.

You prefer MFT for shooting concerts - great - so be it. But that preference doesn't diminish the capabilities of other shooting platforms - just like skilled MFT shooters can accomplish much more with their gear than people lacking those skills with the same gear, especially in the context of concerts.

Kid, believe me I know all that so I’ll skip the rest because you are just pumping air for nothing. The only important thing is that I clearly said at the beginning “I find that MFT suits much better MY needs” and that sais it all. If you fail to understand what “My needs” means, there is nothing I can help.


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