Shooting discontinued Fuji film stock - Pro 160C, Pro 800Z & Industrial 400

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Shooting discontinued Fuji film stock - Pro 160C, Pro 800Z & Industrial 400

In light of recent news on the discontinuation of Fujifilm’s mainstay Fuji Pro 400H, I decided to reach to the depths of my freezer and pull out a couple of rolls from the past – Fuji Pro 160C, Fuji Pro 800Z and Fuji Industrial 400.

Thought it would be fun to share my results with some comments. I did not go overly technical with these, just shot them as I would go about as usual. Colors are straight from the lab. *the green casts are actually pretty easy to balance in post but for the sake of this experiment I am uploading the scanned colours

Fuji Pro 160C, expiry: 2010, metered at 100

*not to be confused with the standard Pro 160S, 160C is the high contrast variant

Fuji colors but in a more saturated flavour! Notably while overall colours are dialed up, skin tones still look pleasant. One of my all time favourite film stocks.

Green casts through shadows and highlights due to film age. I believe the film is losing contrast from age too.

Fuji Pro 800Z, expiry: 2009, metered at 400

Pleasant greens similar to other Fuji Pro offerings can be seen here. The difference between this and 400H is the bluish tint across the photo. Although, it does seem more blue here than I remembered. Low contrast in bright scenes, possibly due to film age or me overcompensating exposure.

The highlight for me is the grain structure. Although grain presence is strong, it is not obtrusive and actually looks pleasing in my eyes.

Fuji Industrial 400, expiry: 2019, metered at 200

Compared to 400H the colors here are not as cold, with more saturated greens and reds. Slightly grainier compared to Industrial 100 but I can't see any difference in color profile. Not a unique profile by any means, good choice if you prefer neutral colors.

*Industrial 100 can still be found in the market if you look for it. Get some and try for yourself before they are all gone.

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