Some vertical black smudges.

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Re: Some vertical black smudges.

British Jonathan wrote:

Overrank wrote:

I don’t think that would cause the banding. Have a look at

Its possible that there is some timing issue between the two shutter curtains. Do you get the same issue with shots with openings longer than 1/30s (say) and less than (1/30s) ?

Could be. Any way to check that without shooting a whole roll on different shutter speeds and logging it?

As has been mentioned a video using a phone might work for slower settings. Also as has also been mentioned exercising the shutter (firing it lots with no film in) can help. The reason to see if it’s different at different speeds is that the curtains operate differently at different shutter speeds. Unfortunately shooting another roll of film would only help diagnose the problem, it wouldn’t fix it.

Setting the shutter correctly is a part of a standard CLA (clean - lubricate - adjust) which would be the best way of getting it fixed if it does turn out to be broken. You would then have a camera that would run smoothly for years

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