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Re: A pretty well researched article - from DPReview staff


I understand you being the cheerleader for the GFX system.  You've found your panacea and you're happy to share your enthusiasm with others.  I get that and I can appreciate that.

However, this is where I think you're doing people a disservice: Your exuberance raises unrealistic expectations.  You're essentially saying that a 33x44 system, even a 50mp system improves upon a FF system by a factor of 10.  So, as I see it, this is the formula for expectations you set:  X^10 (X being the FF image quality).

When people spend an enormous amount of money on a 33x44 system, the reality may be that the formula is really X+1 or perhaps X-1 in the case of GFX 50 with its older system as compared to the modern FF offerings.

Now, if X+1 is what you're looking for and that extra fidelity is important, then all is well with the world.  You spend whatever you got to spend to squeeze that last bit of iota of performance out of the system and there is value in that.

However, if your expectations are X^10, but you're getting X+1 or X+10 or even 10X, there is very little value in that.

That leads me to my point.  The article at which you bristle, sets realistic expectations.  It tells you that X+1 is REALLY what you're looking at.  Furthermore, the author doesn't feel the cost of money, convenience, speed and whatever else is worth the X+1 in image quality.  You may feel differently, and that's fine, but the article does set a very realistic and sober set of expectations.

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