E-M5 Mk III vs Sony a6400

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Re: E-M5 Mk III vs Sony a6400

BigRedNole5 wrote:

After more thought, pricing the entire purchase out, and what I will use the camera for, my conclusion is as follows and based on availability of new/used at the camera store. Obviously, this could possibly change if anything used comes in during the next few days as well. This is in the the order I will purchase.

  1. Panasonic G9 (used $900 w/ ~7500 shutter count), Olympus 14-150mm Mk ii lens (Used, excellent condition $300), Olympus 45mm f1.8 (used, excellent condition $250). This is $1,450 + tax if I buy it all together at the store. This is within my budget and would cover pretty much everything I would need initially. I would like to get the f2.8 shorter zoom down the road.
  2. Sony a7iii (used with ~10,000 shutter count $1,600). Lenses would need to be looked at just to get started. This would be a little more than $2,000 with a starter lens after tax. This stretches the budget extremely.
  3. Fuji X-T4 (new only w/ good starter lens $2,100 + tax). I could look at the X-S10 that was recommended to see how it fits/works. That would be about the same as the G9 price wise.

My initial thought from the money side is that the Panasonic G9 meets the requirements, is within my target budget. I am finding it hard to sway me to the Sony or Fuji which will both cost me much more to get into.

Maybe try borrowing/renting and seeing what you think of the images?

what matters to you more, sharpness, or bokeh (short depth of field).  If you are mostly concerned about sharpness, then MFT might be good enough.  If you want more bokeh/dynamic range, then maybe think again about FF.

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