Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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Re: Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

sportyaccordy wrote:

MikeJ9116 wrote:

As am I and APS-C, in general. There are many millions of APS-C users and many of them are waiting for APS-C cameras with an RF mount. IMO, Canon would be crazy to not serve these people in the R system. The M system will not serve them because Canon won't let it serve them.

I think a stronger argument could be made that the majority of APS-C users

  • don't even use their ILCs anymore
  • don't know the difference between APS-C & FF
  • don't know the difference between EF and RF (or that RF even exists)
  • don't know the difference between DSLRs and mirrorless cameras

The argument is in the vast number of APS-C users across all brands (although more so regarding Canon users). In today's low ILC sales just a fraction of these users buying RF mount APS-C cameras amounts to a big portion of annual sales. To make APS-C viable, and profitable, just a fraction of the current user base buying R system APS-C cameras is needed.

Not to mention Canon has had a mirrorless system for nearly a decade so if people wanted an APS-C MILC by Canon they had that choice for quite some time.

The M system is anemic which is why it has not grown into a desirable system to most APS-C users. The EF-S cameras sold more in a given year than M cameras sold in its entire existence. The vast majority of APS-C DSLR users rejected the M system. It has never been perceived as a serious platform. APS-C in the R system will not have this issue which is why many APS-C users that spurned the M system will buy into the R system.  This happened with FF DSLR users and they have arguably been more critical of ff MILC cameras than DSLR APS-C users have been with APS-C MILC cameras.

When it comes to what Canon and the market do we are all speculating and guessing, but your guesses seem completely plucked out of thin air to serve predetermined narratives about where you want the market to go rather than where all the evidence says it will.

My assumptions are no worse than yours at a minimum.

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