Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

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Re: Canon rumored R7. I'm calling it...

IR1234 wrote:

MikeJ9116 wrote:

As am I and APS-C, in general. There are many millions of APS-C users and many of them are waiting for APS-C cameras with an RF mount. IMO, Canon would be crazy to not serve these people in the R system. The M system will not serve them because Canon won't let it serve them.

So where is the R7 then? Apparently you know Canon's market better than them, you've postulated some examples of why this camera is necessary, so if it's not the R6, where is it? The 7D2 was 2014, Canon work on 4-5 year cycles, the 7D3 is now 2-3 years overdue.

There are a few reasons why Canon may have delayed APS-C in the R system.  One is only having finite resources available due to the hard push with FF camera bodies to get the R system up and running as fast as possible.  I never expected Canon to bring APS-C to the RF mount at the same time as FF.  Another is the impact COVID has had on global supplies of so many components.  They might have had to delay APS-C to apply what supply they could get to FF cameras.  I think this is somewhat evident from the supply issues they have had with the R5 and R6.  A third reason they are keeping quiet about APS-C coming to the R system is so it doesn't kill M sales prematurely.  Canon very likely wants to milk the M system for all they can before it takes a big hit from having RF mount ASP-C cameras competing against it.

Also, seeing how fast Canon has stopped DSLR and EF lens R&D, it makes sense that there is no 7D/3.  The R system debuted in 2018 and the 7D/2 in 2014.  Canon likely knew right after the launch of the 7D/2 where they were going regarding the R system.  They also likely knew that DSLRs would be expiring very quickly and throwing limited R&D resources at this camera wasn't a good idea.  Especially if they knew an RF mount replacement for it was coming.  So not having a 7D/3 actually makes more sense than having one, IMO.

It'd be great to see an R7, so where is it? People have been talking about the 7D2 replacement since 2018, and it's not anywhere to be found. Canon didn't even bother with an interim body in say 2018/9 apart from the 90D.

See my first two paragraphs.

The RF system is now 5 bodies in (inc R3) and we still have no APS-C model, yet we have news of R7 prototypes in the field and yet no one saw the R3 coming.

There might not be APS-C in the R system.  You, or I, just don't know one way or the other.  I think there are good reasons that it will show up.  Canon has a grossly underutilized their class leading (currently anyway) 32mp APS-C sensor that they need to capitalize on.  It has shown up in only two cameras.  One is a DSLR and the other is in the least  popular and ergonomic of the M cameras.  Also, why don't we have a M5/2?  What does this tell us about Canon's intentions?  One could make an argument that slow to no M development and no new APS-C DSLR development means APS-C is coming to the R system.  Or Canon is abandoning APS-C altogether.  I will go with the former over the latter.

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