D850 Battery Issue

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Re: D850 Battery Issue

Thanks I will try testing that.  The other option I was thinking was a  factory reset, but I am hoping I can avoid that, but will do if I can't seem to correct other ways.  Thank you for your input.

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I am having a weird issue my with D850. I use the battery grip with it (nikon), and just noticed when putting in batteries into the D850- it's as if it is dead. Can't turn on, don't even see the number of remaining pics when the camera is off. When attaching the grip with battery, it works normal (although likely only registering the 1 battery). Without grip, it is dead. Anyone have this issue?? Wondering if it needs a reset or something is broken with the battery chamber.


Have you set the battery order to the camera battery in the setup menu? I dont have the grip to test so not sure whether it defaults to the camera battery when the grip is removed.

This could be the issue here - I don't have a grip but in the Set Up Menu there is an item called Battery Order - you can select to have the camera use D850 or First or MB-D18 batteries first. If you elect to have the camera uses the MB-D18 batteries then there is a chance that the camera may ignore its own battery. Sorry I don't want to test just in case

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