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Thanks for that  support! I know exactly what you are saying about the FZ1000.

I first had an FZ1000. I liked its results too. Within a year, on a visit to see my parents and sister, I gave it to my sister along with a couple of memory cards, batteries and a dummy battery coupler to use it from the electrical outlet. She uses it a lot for my nieces' dance  videos. She has no complaints. I must say, she gets better stills and bokey from it than I ever managed to do!

Within the next year, when we were going on a vacation to a sunny island, I bought the FZ2500 as a do-it-all camera. As I said in my post, I have no complaints about the results of the camera. The 4K event videos I do are very good. I learned how to carefully use the touch focus and not use AF-C to prevent occasional hunting in video.

You rightly said about the electronic point-and-shoot nature and the user experience of zoom/focus rings. That's the only distinction I was making, from the way DSLR lens zoom works. I feel like I'm thinking more on how to use the camera as opposed to what photo I am taking. I never managed to build the muscle memory to use this camera as comfortably as any DSLR I've used so far.

I also found the built-in ND filter of FZ2500 very useful in outdoor photos/videos.


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