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A pretty well researched article - from DPReview staff


DPReview published an article a few years ago that was pretty well researched.

The article did attract some critic at that time, but it is based on solid ground.

There where some significant changes in MFD since the time the article was posted:

  • The GFX 100 and the GFX 100S arrived, with latest CMOS technology from Sony and in body image stabilization.
  • A lot of evidence about the excellence of the Fujifilm lens line.

The GFX 100/100S uses pretty much the same sensor technology as the Sony A7rIV, with two differences:

  • The GFX 100 sensor is 68% larger and therefore has 68% more pixels.
  • The GFX 100 sensor has a 16-bit readout mode.

Having more pixels has a benefit for handling fine detail and also gives a small gain in signal noise ratio and DR. Both this benefits relate more to the sensor surface than to number of pixels.

With Pentax 645, little has changed.

Hasselblad has some new lenses and they seem to be very high quality.

Was the DPR article biased?

That may depend on the point of view. I would say that it was not biased in a technical sense.

Just as an example, 24x36 mm systems often have access to a large set of f/1.4 lenses and there is little doubt that f/1.4 24x36 mm lenses achieve more 'bokeh' than f/2 lenses on 33x44 mm.

But it may be that the available MFD lenses at f/2 are sharper or have better bokeh than f/1.4 lenses on 24x36 mm. There are plenty of those lenses. You need to test a lot of lenses to find out.

It may be that Fujifilm and Hasselblad have better color processing than the competition. The article takes the viewpoint that it is mostly about color profiles. In all probability true, but most users are stuck with the profiles from Adobe or Capture One.

Or we can build own our profiles using Lumariver Color Profile Designer or some other tool. But, we may not have the knowledge to tweak those profiles.

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