Carting Photo Gear to a Shoot

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Mark B.
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Re: Carting Photo Gear to a Shoot

flyinglentris wrote:

I recently invested in a folding Ozark Trails cart, initially, to cart my groceries in from my truck in one trip, but had thought that the beast would work fine for carting photo gear to shoots, off road - or wherever.

Ozark Trails Large Cart

And the beast folds up too.

Ozark Trails Large Cart, Folded Up

It's not quite what you'd think for photography gear, but it works for the purpose - and others, like getting those groceries into the digs in one trip.

I had originally thought to get a classical Radio Flyer kid's wagon, but after digging around, settled on this.

I've thought about getting something similar; I've seen essentially the same cart sold under other brands.  Would be ok on packed gravel, but not so good on a sandy beach.

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