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My wife has a decent Bridge camera. And she was OK with it more than half the time. The rest of the time she got me to shoot instead.

After a few years, she wanted an ILC though. Not a big one like any of mine. Meaning I couldn't just hand her one. So, we went shopping. She chose a Nikon D3500. And three lenses, one of which is macro. So now she uses that most of the time and shoots all her own stuff.

As an aside, she likes optical viewfinders over electronic ones. She really didn't like any of the mirrorless models. And, I didn't steer her towards any brand or type. I let her do the actual shopping.

Now here's an interesting thing: She prefers to use the Bridge for video even though the other does it equally well.

And, I will use her Bridge for video as well, but only because I don't have an ILC that can do video. And, I haven't picked up a dedicated video camera, which would be my choice. I just don't shoot video that often so hers will do.

The bottom line here is, yes, it is a good idea to give things a try before one buys.


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