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In regard to your feelings about the Lumix, I have a similar FZ1000 bridge camera. In my opinion, it is an excellent camera; for the majority of photographers it would be all they need. I can easily see how, if I had to, I could use the FZ1000 and forget everything else. The 1" Sony sensor is very good if you don't need to shoot higher than ISO600 to 800. 20MP is more than enough for most purposes. The 25-400mm fast zoom is excellent and wide ranging. It has a good grip and decent EVF.  The OIS and focusing are great. You can make A2 prints with it. Why would you need anything better, unless you had specialist requirements?

I think the answer to that lies in the physical experience of using the camera.  It is solidly made, quite hefty but somehow still feels flimsy. The lens, although fantastic, has motor driven zoom and focusing. No real sense of hands-on manual operation, despite the lens (stepper) ring. The lens motors are also a bit sluggish and this gives a "remote controlled" feel to the shooting experience. The lens obstruction sensor is also a bit over-sensitive and tends to switch the camera off at the slightest knock to the lens. No matter how well put together it is, there is still a bit of the "point & shoot" casual camera about it.

If there was a bit more metal in the body, manual zoom and focus and perhaps an aperture ring, the user experience would be transformed and it would be a camera I could seriously consider as the only solution I need. A G9 version of the FZ1000, in effect.

It depends on your type of photography, of course, but based on my experience I would say that there are quite a lot of photographers who would be happier with a really good bridge camera rather than an ILC and a bagful of lenses.

Not gonna get a lot of takers for this view on the Medium Format forum, admittedly

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