EM1X AF testing...pt. 1

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Paul Auclair
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EM1X AF testing...pt. 1

always trying to nail down settings for BIF AF.

static/perched birds I'm OK with my current AF settings. BIFs are a struggle but it seems I've made some improvements.

i subscribe to the usual settings discussed numerous times in numerous posts here at DPR and so on.

I've recently made two changes (trying to avoid adjusting too many variables at once) and spent the past 5 days trying these new settings. i concentrated only on AF and not "getting the shot"...just track the bird so the camera can lock it up. I haven't used my EE1 in quite a few months.

shooting in all conditions; backlight, low light, way too far, way too close... whatever...trying to shoot in all conditions to figure out whether i need to better manage my own expectations of my gear or buy new gear or get better etc., etc..

C-AF sensitivity - (was +1) now -1, i might try -2 at some point.

IS - (I use to leave it ON all the time). I've had it OFF these 5 days unless the birds are perched/grounded/floating.

also...I think i'll leave Bird Ai for perched/grounded/floating.

pt. 1 will be 4/300 no TCs and pt.2 will be using the MC20.

I did not test with the 1.4X.

i shoot bursts and average 4-8 shots per burst.

with the 4/300 i'd get one or two (or more) usable images per burst and wouldn't often have a burst with no usable/well focused images.

with the MC20 attached I'd often get a high number of burst with no well focused/usable images static and BIF but much worse for BIF.

now I get far fewer bursts with no usable images (i am still getting bursts with no usable images but far less so) and I am getting far better AF acquisition in low light and back light and far away (ID shots) etc., etc..

300mm images (again not award winning material here...just want to get AF lock up)...

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as always,
thank you fellow DPR members for your kind words and encouragement.

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