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Re: field macro light improvement options

Gregor Samsa wrote:

Jack Calypso wrote:

That is a nice rig. That bracket is a nice update to something I've seen on the Web for years; looks very usable. Can it be disassembled for transport? Can you adjust the friction in the joints?. Could you go minimal, and put just a cold shoe on either side?

I'm buying so many accessories lately, what's one more, right?

Very easy and quick to disassemble and it it all (the flash system, the bracket and the diffusers) fit easily in a small bag that I used to use for an old Sony Nex camera. Or it would fit in the top pocket of my camera bag (a LowePro Slingshot AW 200). Each arm has a cold shoe on the end, so the flashes just slide into those. They then fold across the bracket. I have the camera mounting on to the bracket via an Arca clamp and an L-bracket on the camera, so it's just a matter of tightening/loosening the retaining bolt.

You can adjust every link on the articulating arm for friction, using a small hex screw hidden under a rubber ring.

You can screw the cold shoes off off, and while I haven't tried it, I think you can screw the arms off the bracket and then screw the cold shoes straight onto the bracket.

It might not work with heavier/bigger flashes, though. The arms might not stay in place with the weight. But it suits the small flashes I'm using.

I also tried a two-flash setup but it turned out one is usually enough:

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